Barista Bios

Get to know your favorite espresso slingers a little bit better...



aka "Please don't put this online"

Books, Caffeine, & Cats

"Growing up in the woods was great except now I'm not there, and the civilized world is a little, um, weird. I love a great book and a cozy blanket and aspire to one day own all the dogs and cats! No, I mean literally ALL of them."


aka "Chad Geronimo"

Pics, Podcasts, & Scootin'

"When I'm not makin' coffee you can find me taking photos and trying to annoy Amber as much as possible. I also do this podcast thing with my bestie Bosch. We're pretty cool I guess."



aka "Bosch"

Cor-ta-tas, Sound, & Destruction

"I dont really have much free time aside from when I'm at work. The rest of my day is pretty booked with perfecting my impression of Kermit the Frog singing Hurt by Nine Inch Nails and staying away from gluten."


aka "Owner Guy"

Espresso, Cameras, & Dad Jokes

"When I'm not at work you can find me at work,, yeah that's about right. Amateur photographer and professional glutton for punishment who's so dependent on caffeine I opened coffeeshops."